Y Bachgen â Blodau yn ei Wallt

Author: Jarvis; Welsh Adaptation: Awen Schiavone.

A moving tale of friendship, kindness, and acceptance, softly touching on subjects of illness and hardship in a way that young children can understand. Everyone likes David, the boy with flowers in his hair. He's sweet and gentle, just like his colourful petals. David and his best friend have a great time together, until one day... Welsh text by Awen Schiavone.



Awdur: Jarvis; Addasiad Cymraeg: Awen Schiavone.

Ei enw yw Deio. Ef yw'r bachgen â blodau yn ei wallt ac ef yw fy ffrind gorau. Dyma stori sy'n cyffwrdd â phynciau megis salwch a chaledi mewn modd y gall plant bach eu deall. Addasiad Cymraeg gan Awen Schiavone.

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