Wenglish - The Dialect of the South Wales Valleys

Author: Roger Lewis.


An updated version of the practical guide to Wenglish, the distinctive dialect of the south Wales valleys - as spoken by Chris Needs. Includes history, social and geographical context, grammar, alphabetical glossary and exercises. Previous edition - 9781847710307.


Two books in one, Wenglish combines the practical qualities of a reference book with a general introduction to Wenglish, the English dialect of the south Wales valleys. It gives the perfect introduction to how the way we speak in this area developed in the first place, and the part played by the people who speak it and the landscape itself. As a reference book it offers an alphabetical glossary, dialogue examples, grammar and exercises, so that you can try your hand or even teach yourself Wenglish, as well as learning all about it.


Robert Lewis was born and raised in the Swansea Valley and grew up hearing western forms of Wenglish and Gwenhwyseg, the south-eastern dialect of Welsh. He studied Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge, where he became particularly interested in dialects and the historical development of language. He has worked mainly for the former Wales Tourist Board, now Visit Wales; most recently as Head of Research. He is fluent in a dozen languages and dialects, including Afrikaans, Breton and Urdu. Robert Lewis lives in Cardiff.


Awdur: Roger Lewis.


Fersiwn newydd o'r arweiniad ymarferol i "Wenglish", tafodiaith nodweddiadol cymoedd de Cymru. Cynhwysir hanes, gwybodaeth am y cyd-destun cymdeithasol a daearyddol, gramadeg, geirfa yn nhrefn yr wyddor, ac ymarferion. Argraffiad blaenorol - 9781847710307.


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