Welsh Valleys Phrasebook

Author: David Jandrell.

Get by in Valleys-Speak!

A humorous guide and phrasebook of Valleys-speak, the non-standard English used in South Wales in everyday conversation. A hugely entertaining book, affectionately poking fun at the grammar, slang terms and culture of the Welsh Valleys.

How to use this book
Compulsory Terms
-Aitch or Haitch?
-The En Verb
-They am
-Do do
-The Dreaded W
-T and Th
-Spot on or nearby?
-The Rogue Ah
-Make statement, confirm statement, then question what you’ve just said
-Reading the examples
-The Glossary
-Just one more thing: Malapropisms and other bloopers


Awdur: David Jandrell.

Get by in Valleys-Speak!

Canllaw doniol i ddiwylliant a iaith sgwrsio cymoedd de Cymru.

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