Weithiau Dwi'n Teimlo'n Grac

Welsh Adaptation: Elin Meek.

Series: Cyfres Teimladau Mawr Bach.

A Welsh adaptation of Sometimes I am Angry to help young children manage their emotions. They can lift the flaps, slide the tabs and turn the wheel to explore what anger is, why they might get angry and how they can calm their anger. With delightful illustrations from Marie Paruit on every page, this is the perfect book for parents/carers to share with children.

Addasiad Cymraeg: Elin Meek.

Cyfres: Cyfres Teimladau Mawr Bach.

Rhannwch y llyfr rhyngweithiol hwn gyda'ch rhai bach i'w helpu pan maen nhw'n teimlo'n flin. Mae ambell beth newydd, awgrymiadau ymarferol a gweithgareddau syml i'ch helpu chi. Addasiad Cymraeg gan Elin Meek o Sometimes I am Angry.


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