The Melting Pot, World Recipes

Author: Maggie Ogunbanwo.

The Melting Pot is a celebration of the diverse recipes contributed by members of the minority ethnic community in Wales. This collection of thirty world recipes draws together flavours, inspirations and traditions from Bali to Zimbabwe and the rich stories behind each dish, recognising food as a universal language through which we can all communicate and share.

Maggie Ogunbanwo's Maggie's: An African Twist to Your Everyday Dish operates from The Red Lion in the village of Penygroes in North Wales, surrounded by the beautiful Snowdonia countryside. Its roots, however, are deep in African soil, passed down through generations of instinctive but highly gifted culinary masters. Maggie's influences flow from her mam and nain (mum and grandmother in Welsh) and are
extended through contact with and work in environments with West
Indian, Caribbean, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean and Latino foods. They continue to grow and meld, with an additional Welsh touch added to the mix, widening Maggie's international scope to tantalise a range of taste buds. As well as her passion for food and cooking, Maggie is committed to the quality and support of local providers.



Awdur: Maggie Ogunbanwo.

Dathliad o ryseitiau amrywiol gan aelodau cymunedau ethnig lleiafrifol o Gymru a geir yn y gyfrol hon. Cynhwysir casgliad o 30 o ryseitiau yn tynnu ynghyd flasau a thraddodiadau ar draws y byd, o Bali i Zimbabwe. Cofnodir y straeon y tu ôl i'r prydau, gan gydnabod bod bwyd yn iaith ryngwladol, gyffredinol, drwy'r hon y gallwn oll gyfathrebu a rhannu â'n gilydd.

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