The Baking Cookbook


Gilli Davies, Huw Jones.

Series: Flavours of Wales.

The Welsh Baking Cookbook features a selection of recipes for traditional and new Welsh baked dishes. With recipes for traditional Welsh bakes such as the iconic Bara Brith, Aberffraw Shortbread from Anglesey and a delicious glazed Apple Cake from Pembrokeshire. Complemented with tasteful colour photographs.


Awdur: Gilli Davies, Huw Jones.

Cyfres: Flavours of Wales.

Mae The Welsh Baking Cookbook yn cynnwys detholiad blasus o ryseitiau pobi traddodiadol a newydd, megis Bara Brith, Teisennau Berffro a Chacen Afal sir Benfro, gyda ffotograffau lliw chwaethus.

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Code(s)Rhifnod: 9781912050369

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