Tanwen y Ddraig

Author: Caryl Parry Jones, Christian Phillips.

Series: Cyfres Parc y Bore Bach.

Another story in the magical world of Parc y Bore Bach, featuring Tanwen the sweet little dragon who causes havoc wherever she goes, as she doesn't listen to the advice of friends.


Awdur: Caryl Parry Jones, Christian Phillips.

Cyfres: Cyfres Parc y Bore Bach.

Stori arall o fyd hud a lledrith Parc y Bore Bach lle ceir hanes Tanwen y ddraig annwyl sy'n achosi llanast am nad yw'n gwrando ar gyngor ei ffrindiau.

£2.50 - £4.99

Code(s)Rhifnod: 9781848516571

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