Syr Deilen Lili

Author: Anna Kemp; Welsh Adaptation: Aneirin Karadog.

Once upon a time, in a deep dark bog, lived a teeny, tiny speckled frog. Now, he might be tiny (the other frogs call him stuff, like 'weedy pants' and 'sugar puff'). But his ambition is great - to be known as Sir Lilypad, the brave and wise! And all he needs to effect this transformation is a kiss from a willing princess. A Welsh adaptation of Sir Lilypad by Aneirin Karadog.


Awdur: Anna Kemp; Addasiad Cymraeg: Aneirin Karadog.

Y broga beiddgar, mor ddoeth, mor gryf, gelyn brawychus pob un... pryf! Cwyd, Syr Deilen Lili, yn ddi-oed, y broga dewraf a welwyd erioed! Addasiad Cymraeg o Sir Lilypad gan Aneirin Karadog.

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