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Llyfr Cyntaf am Ddynoliaeth.

Author: Catherine Barr, Steve Williams; Welsh Adaptation: Siân Lewis.

The team behind The Story of Space and The Story of Life present a first book about the human world for very young children, looking at how humans evolved and the history of humanity up to the present day. A Welsh adaptation by Siân Lewis of The Story of People by Catherine Barr and Steve Williams.

When did the first humans live?
How did humans spread all over the world?
How has science and technology changed the way we live?
And what will happen to humans in the future?


Llyfr Cyntaf am Ddynoliaeth.

Awdur: Catherine Barr, Steve Williams; Addasiad Cymraeg: Siân Lewis.

Mae tîm ysgrifennu The Story of Space a The Story of Life yn cyflwyno'r llyfr cyntaf am y byd dynol ar gyfer plant ifanc, gan edrych ar sut y mae'r bod dynol wedi esblygu ac ar hanes y ddynoliaeth hyd at heddiw. Addasiad Cymraeg gan Siân Lewis o The Story of People gan Catherine Barr a Steve Williams.

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