Sombis Rygbi

Author: Dan Anthony; Welsh Adaptation: Ion Thomas.

A humorous story about a boy arranging a rugby game for zombies. Arwel's ambition is to add his picture to the family collection on the mantelpiece - and he has a plan - a photo of him playing for the school rugby team should do the trick! However, an unfortunate incident leading to their defeat on the rugby field means his chances aren't high.


Awdur: Dan Anthony; Addasiad Cymraeg: Ion Thomas.

Stori ddifyr a doniol a fydd yn apelio at gefnogwyr rygbi. Tybed all grwp o zombis helpu Arwel i wireddu ei freuddwyd? Uchelgais Arwel yw cael ychwanegu llun ohono ef at gasgliad y teulu ar y silff ben tân, ac mae ganddo gynllun ... Addasiad Cymraeg o Rugby Zombies.

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