Sgen I'm Syniad - Snogs, Secs, Sens

Author: Gwenllian Ellis.

This is a book about friends, family, growing up in north Wales, feeling you're being left behind, snogging, sex, lessons learned along the way and the people who carried you when you didn't even know you needed to be carried. A book about making sense of things when you have no idea how to do so.


Awdur: Gwenllian Ellis.

Dyma lyfr am ffrindiau, teulu, tyfu fyny yng ngogledd Cymru, teimlo fel bo chdi'n cael dy adael ar ôl, snogio, secs, y gwersi ti'n ddysgu ar y ffordd a'r bobl sy'n dy gario di pan doeddach chdi ddim hyd yn oed yn gwybod bo chdi angen cael dy gario. Llyfr am ffeindio sens pan sgen ti'm syniad.

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