Author: John Idris Jones.

Sail is the second in John Idris Jones's Porthmadog trilogy. The first was Madocks, the second Sail and the third Steam. Each is a short novel of some 40,000 words. The aim pf the trilogy is to tell the story of the development of Porthmadog from a bare headland in 1780 to a fully-functioning port in the nineteenth century.

Sail tells the stories of eleven sailing ships built in Porthmadog/Borth y Gest: the ship ‘Pride of Wales’ is at the centre of the story, being made in Borth-y-Gest, later traversing the Indian Ocean, and being seen there by a member of the Spooner family who was working out there. The other ships described have voyages to other locations, some across the Atlantic.

The book represents these eleven ships as examples of the ships built in Porthmadog/BorthyGest. Many foundered and their small crew lost. The craft that went in to their construction is evident, and their efficiency at sea under sail is depicted.

The book is an amalgam of historical fact and fiction.


Awdur: John Idris Jones.

Cyfrol Saesneg yw "Sail", sef ail deitl John Idris Jones yn y drioleg o nofelau yn adrodd hanes datblygiad Porthmadog o fod yn benrhyn digynnwrf yn 1780 i borthladd llawn gweithgaredd prysur yn ystod y bedwaredd ganrif ar bymtheg. Dilyniant i Madocks).

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