Rapsgaliwn - I Ble Mae Sbwriel yn Mynd?

Author: Beca Evans

Rapsgaliwn, the world's best rapper, solves another problem - where does our rubbish go after throwing it in the bin? Let's go on a journey with Rapsgaliwn and his friends on the rubbish lorry.


Awdur: Beca Evans.

Mae Rapsgaliwn, rapiwr gorau'r byd, yn datrys pos arall - i ble mae ein sbwriel yn mynd ar ôl i ni ei daflu i'r bin? Dewch am dro gyda Rapsgaliwn a'i ffrindiau bach aur yn y lorri ludw.

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Code(s)Rhifnod: 9781847714893

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