Nansi a Nel a'r Wenynen Fach Brysur

Author: Roslyn Schwartz; Welsh Adaptation: Catrin Elan.

Series: Cyfres Nansi a Nel.

One day the mole sisters were doing nothing. After all "sometimes it is important to do nothing" they said. They were looking up at the sky sitting propped up against a tree when a bee flew by. As is usual with bees, this bee was busy collecting pollen and nectar from flowers. In fact it was too busy to even stop and have a chat with the mole sisters.


Awdur: Roslyn Schwartz; Addasiad Cymraeg: Catrin Elan.

Cyfres: Cyfres Nansi a Nel.

Mae Nansi a Nel, y tyrchod bywiog a chwareus, yn gweld pob sefyllfa ddiflas fel cyfle i gael ychydig o hwyl. Mae eu hoptimistiaeth yn heintus, a bydd eu hanturiaethau yn dod â gwên i wynebau plant bach ymhob man. Addasiad o The Mole Sisters and the Busy Bees.

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Code(s)Rhifnod: 9781845214609

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