Mae Pob Corff yn Rhyfeddol

Author: Beth Cox; Welsh Adaptation: Joshua Head a Llewellyn Goff,

An Inclusive Guide for Talking About You! This book will help children to be themselves and feel like they belong. From the atoms that made them to the things that bodies can do, ALL bodies are wonderful. We know that bodies can be tricky to understand. Sometimes you might feel like your body is different. But being different is completely natural ... it's just science!

Awdur: Beth Cox; Addasiad Cymraeg: Joshua Head a Llewellyn Goff.

Mae dy gorff yn anhygoel! O'r atomau wnaeth dy greu di, i'r pethau y gall dy gorff eu gwneud, mae POB corff yn rhyfeddol. Gall cyrff fod yn anodd eu deall. Weithiau, efallai y byddi di’n teimlo bod dy gorff yn wahanol. Ond mae bod yn wahanol yn gwbl naturiol ...

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Code(s)Rhifnod: 9781804163702

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