Landscape Wales

Author: Terry Stevens.

A pictorial celebration of the glorious natural treasures and landscapes which make up the country of Wales. Featuring spectacular mountains, dramatic coastlines, gentle lowlands and idyllic river valleys, Landscape Wales also focusses on people and their connection with the natural environment.

Terry Stevens, is an international travel and tourism consultant working with clients in hotels, attractions, sports facilities, airports, stadia and health clubs. Terry has undertaken commissions in many European Countries, the Middle East and Africa for governments, local authorities, national tourist boards and development agencies, sports clubs, community groups, NGO's, private sector clients, and international development organisations. Terry is a past member of the Wales Tourist Board. Before starting his consultancy Terry was Dean and Professor, Faculty of Tourism and Health Care, Swansea Metropolitan University. Visiting Professor, University of Reading, University of Bournemouth, University of Abertay, Dundee Business School.


Awdur: Terry Stevens.

Dathliad darluniadol o drysorau naturiol tirwedd Cymru: mynyddoedd ysblennydd, arfordir dramatig, iseldiroedd mwyn a chymoedd ffrwythlon, swynol, sy'n canolbwyntio yn ogystal ar bobl a'u cysylltiad â'r amgylchfyd naturiol.

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