Dwi'n Gallu Dweud Sori

Author: Janet Rose; Welsh Adaptation: Elin Meek.

Series: Cyfres Teimladau Mawr Bach.

With flaps, tabs and sliders, this Welsh adaptation of I can say sorry will help young children to learn when they need to say sorry, and how to say it with meaning. With delightful illustrations from Marie Paruit, this is a perfect book for carers and parents to share with young children who are just starting to recognize feelings and develop emotional intelligence.

Awdur: Janet Rose; Addasiad Cymraeg: Elin Meek.

Cyfres: Cyfres Teimladau Mawr Bach.

Rhannwch y llyfr rhyngweithiol hwn gyda'ch rhai bach i'w hannog i ddweud sori yn y ffordd iawn. Gydag ambell beth newydd, awgrymiadau ymarferol a gweithgareddau syml i'ch helpu hefyd. Addasiad Cymraeg gan Elin Meek o I can say sorry.

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