Caeau Fflandrys

Author: Michael Morpurgo; Welsh Adaptation: Elin Meek.

A Welsh adaptation of Private Peaceful. A stunning novel of World War 1. It is so absorbing and atmospheric that you will want to keep reading to the end. Told through the voice of a young soldier it captures in 24 hours the memories of his life - with the harsh realisation that he is also facing an unknown future!


Awdur: Michael Morpurgo; Addasiad Cymraeg: Elin Meek.

ddasiad Cymraeg o Private Peaceful. Nofel am y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf yn disgrifio diwrnod ym mywyd milwr ifanc. Wrth i'r Thomas Griffiths ifanc edrych yn ôl dros ei blentyndod o faes y gad yn y Rhyfel, mae ei atgofion yn llawn o fywyd teuluol yng nghefn gwlad Cymru.

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Code(s)Rhifnod: 9781855968462

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