Wales, Life on Tour

"What goes on tour stays on tour!" - but this is a film that breaks that unwritten law!

The 2006 tour to Argentina was the opening chapter in Wales' build up to the 2007 World Cup.  A chance to face up to Pumas, to hunt Whales and to take on as much beef as was humanly possible.

The behind the scenes preparations, the intensity and the fun as coaches and players alike lived together - On Tour.

Length - approx. 75 minutes.





Golwg tu ôl i'r llenni ar y gwaith caled, yr hwyl a'r ysbryd o fewn carfan Cymru wrth i'r paratoadau at Gwpan y Byd 2007 gychwyn gyda thaith i wlad y Pumas.

* Cymru yn yr Ariannin - fel sydd wedi bod ar S4C.

Hyd - oddeutu 75 munud,


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