Wales and the First World War (Pocket Book)

Author: Nick Shepley.

Author Nick Shepley provides a brief introduction to Welsh involvement in the Great War. Divided into ten sections, the book engages with some of the main areas of the conflict, offering a summary of each major event or issue and relating it to a particular region, town, village or individual within Wales.

Sections include:
- Kitchener's Army and the (38th) Welsh Division
- Training at Etaples
- Trench Life
- No Mans Land
- Gallipoli
- The Somme and the rise of Lloyd George
- Mesopotamia and the Middle East
- 1917: The Year of Crisis
- 1918: The Ludendorff Offensive and the Hundred Days
- 1918: Aftermath



Awdur: Nick Shepley.

Cyflwyniad byr i ymwneud y Cymry â'r Rhyfel Mawr, yn cynnwys cyfeiriadau at y prif feysydd gwrthdaro, ynghyd â chrynodeb o hanes pob prif ddigwyddiad yn ei dro, mewn perthynas ag ardal, tref, pentref neu unigolyn yng Nghymru.

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