Tomos yr Arwr

Author: W. Awdry, Welsh Adaptation: Elin Meek.

Series: Darllen 10 Munud: Cyfres Tomos y Tanc.

10-Minute Tales are specially designed to be read aloud, and include a short version of the text that allows children to read along with the story. Inspired by the heroic fireman he is sent to collect, Thomas the Tank Engine wants to be a hero to the other engines. But he ends up causing trouble for them instead. Suitable for young children and Foundation Phase.


Awdur: W. Awdry; Addasiad Cymraeg: Elin Meek.

Cyfres: Darllen 10 Munud: Cyfres Tomos y Tanc.

Mae Tomos yn gwneud ei orau glas i helpu pawb, ond mae rhywbeth yn mynd o chwith bob tro. A fydd Tomos yn llwyddo i ddod yn arwr go iawn?

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Code(s)Rhifnod: 9781849671637

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