Pinsiad o Bupur

Author: Helen Cooper; Welsh Adaptation: Dylan Williams.

A Welsh adaptation of A Pipkin of Pepper, a warm and entertaining story with rich colour illustrations about the adventures of a cat, squirrel and duck as they visit the city to buy salt and pepper to make a tasty broth. A sequel to Cawl Pwmpen.


Awdur: Helen Cooper; Addasiad Cymraeg: Dylan Williams.

Addasiad Cymraeg o A Pipkin of Pepper, stori llawn hwyl a chynhesrwydd gyda lliwiau cyfoethog am anturiaethau cath, gwiwer a hwyaden wrth iddynt ymweld â'r ddinas i brynu halen a phupur i wneud cawl blasus. Dilyniant i Cawl Pwmpen.

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