Pi-Po Oen / Peekaboo Lamb

Welsh Adaptation: Catrin Wyn Lewis.

Series: Cyfres Pi-Po.

Pi-po! Oen is full of fun for babies and young readers. Each book features beautiful, full colour illustrations, lift-up flaps and a plush animal head and arms. The animal heads and arms contain magnets so each animal can hide its eyes behind its paws and clap hands! Young readers will love peeking under the flaps and playing with these cute animal characters.


Addasiad Cymraeg: Catrin Wyn Lewis.

Cyfres: Cyfres Pi-Po.

Dere i chwarae pi po gydag oen bach. Tynna ddwylo magnetig Oen yn ofalus, er mwyn iddo weld pwy sy'n cuddio dan y fflap. Bydd plant bach wrth eu bodd yn helpu Oen i chwarae cuddio gyda'i ffrindiau. Addasiad Cymraeg o Peekaboo Lamb gan Catrin Wyn Lewis.


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Code(s)Rhifnod: 9781849673334

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