Photographs of Manic Street Preachers

Author: Kevin Cummins.

Series: Assassinated Beauty.

In the early nineties, a group of disaffected and fiercely political young men from the Welsh valleys exploded onto a British music scene still in thrall to rave and acid house.It was the legendary photographer Kevin Cummins who captured James, Sean, Richey and Nicky in their most uncompromising, glam-fixated early years.


Awdur: Kevin Cummins.

Cyfres: Assassinated Beauty.

Casgliad o ffotograffau Kevin Cummins o'r grŵp dylanwadol Manic Street Preachers, sy'n enwog am eu geiriau gwleidyddol ac anllythrennog ac am gynnwrf emosiynol eu cerddoriaeth.

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