Learn 101 Welsh Verbs in 1 Day with the Learnbots

Author: Rory Ryder.

The colour coded verb table allows the reader to focus all of their attention on one colour tense at a time enabling them to make immediate connections between the subject and the verb! The Welsh LearnBots are a great resource for dyslexic learners, children and adult learners. Children can start to identify what a verb is and the way it changes with the subject of the sentence.


Awdur: Rory Ryder.

Llyfr poced hwylus a hwyliog sy'n cyflwyno 101 o ferfau Cymraeg, yn cynnwys tabl berfau wedi'i lliw fesul amser y ferf. Addas ar gyfer dysgwyr dyslecsig, oedolion a phlant.


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