Heroes and Helpers

Author: Non ap Emlyn.

Series: Spark Series.

An inspirational book comprising stories about all kinds of heroes: ordinary people who do extraordinary work, people who save others in dangerous situations, people who give up their free time to collect for charities and people who have shown great courage in their personal lives.


In a world full of media superheroes from the world of sport and entertainment it is both refreshing and healthy to read about ordinary people, closer to home, doing extra-ordinary things.

Here we have a school lollipop lady from the Vale of Glamorgan who threw herself in front of a car which was out of control to save children crossing the road with her. There is also a Dinas Powys teenager, a former cancer sufferer who has succeeded in raising young people’s awareness, through her own fundraising charity Teen Spirit – and carried the Olympic Flame! All together, six individuals or organisations are featured in this edition, with a range of interest for both boys and girls. Every page is crowded with photographs and text, which includes factual explanations, descriptive writing, interviews and quotations – a really good mix of text types and fonts. A minor criticism might be that there is just too much on the page; it’s all very busy. I particularly liked the pages about the Wales Air ambulance service, with its range of real characters to read about – a pilot, a paramedic, a rescued boy and a famous fundraiser for the cause.

The format in each book remains the same: a clear contents page, an extensive and informative glossary and a quiz, with a personal slant to encourage the readers to think for themselves about the subject in hand, asking ‘Have you got what it takes ... to succeed, or to be a hero?’ A good opener for classroom debate! The text is fairly challenging in both books, but the range of sub-headings and information in boxes does provide opportunities for both concentration breaks and extended reading.

For the teacher, or parent searching for material to capture the attention of young Welsh citizens – and to provide rôle models and examples of fascinating careers and opportunities – these titles will I am certain prove to be great teaching resources.

Chris Stevens
A review from www.gwales.com, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council.


Awdur: Non ap Emlyn.

Cyfres: Spark Series.

Llyfr i ysbrydoli darllenwyr yn cynnwys hanesion am arwyr ac arwresau o bob math: pobl gyffredin yn cyflawni gwaith anghyffredin, pobl sy'n achub eraill mewn sefyllfaoedd peryglus, pobl sy'n rhoi o'u hamser prin i gasglu arian at elusennau a phobl a ddangosodd ddewrder mawr yn eu bywydau personol.

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