Cofio (Poster)

This poster poem of 'Cofio' by Waldo Williams is one of a series first published by the Welsh Arts Council in the 1970s. Graffeg is republishing this popular poster series illustrated by Sue Shields, paying homage to Welsh poetry. The full poem is printed on the poster.


Waldo Williams was one of the leading Welsh language poets of the twentieth century. He was born in Pembrokeshire in 1904 and became a noted pacifist and Welsh-nationalist. He published only one volume of poetry during his lifetime, Dail Pren.

Poster o'r gerdd boblogaidd 'Cofio' gan Waldo Williams, gyda phaentiad lliw-llawn o gromlech gan Sue Shields yn gefndir priodol. Ailgyhoeddir gan Graffeg yn rhan o gyfres o bosteri yn talu teyrnged i farddoniaeth Gymraeg a barddoniaeth Saesneg o Gymru.



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