Ben Bril a'r Ddinas Ddirgel

Author: David Orme; Welsh Adaptation: Gruffudd Antur.

Ben Bril is a fourteen year old boy. He is very clever, but he's interested only in science and in saving the world! People keep disappearing and reappearing changed. Of course it's a door into another world,and Ben Bril and Brochfael the Ninja set off to find it. Ben Bril is ideal for anyone who is just starting to read on their own.


Awdur: David Orme; Addasiad Cymraeg: Gruffudd Antur.

Dim ond 14 oed ydy Ben Bril - mae Ben Bril a'i fryd ar achub y byd! Mae pobl yn diflannu cyn ailymddangos unwaith eto. Ond mae'r rhai sy'n ailymddangos ddim yr un fath a'r rhai sydd wedi diflannu. Dyma joban i Ben Bril! Mae Ben Bril a Brochfael y Ninja yn penderfynu gweld beth sy'n digwydd.

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