Annalisa Swyn Mewn Trwbwl

Author: Harriet Muncaster; Welsh Adaptation: Eleri Huws.

Series: Cyfres Annalisa.

Isadora Moon is special and different - half vampire, half fairy, totally unique! When Isadora's cousin, Mirabelle, comes to stay, she suggests that instead of taking Pink Rabbit Isadora should take a dragon to 'Bring Your Pet to School Day'. Isadora ignores her worries and goes along with the plan. But looking after a dragon turns out to be a little bit harder than they expected.


Awdur: Harriet Muncaster; Addasiad Cymraeg: Eleri Huws.

Cyfres: Cyfres Annalisa.

Ail stori am Annalisa Swyn, yr hanner fampir, hanner tylwythen deg gwbl unigryw. Pan ddaw Miri Mai, ei chyfnither i aros, caiff Annalisa ei pherswadio i fynd â draig i'r ysgol ar ddiwrnod anifeiliaid anwes. Ond dyw gofalu am ddraig ddim yn waith hawdd! Addasiad Cymraeg o Isadora Moon Gets in Trouble gan Eleri Huws.

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Code(s)Rhifnod: 9781849670111

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