The Mike Hall Story

Author: Mike Hall, Hamish Stuart.

How Welsh Rugby Nearly Changed Forever and Cardiff City Reached the Premier League.

A rare book which has a rugby and a football story to tell. The book gives a personal perspective by a major player on a key period for football in Wales. A topical account as Cardiff City have recently been promoted and then relegated from the Premier League, which gives great insight into the highs and lows of Cardiff F.C. from the inside.


Imagine these two contrasting scenarios: Cardiff City are in Division Two, battling bankruptcy and relegation in front of a 4,800 crowd in a dilapidated Ninian Park. Meanwhile, the Cardiff Blues are at the Millennium Stadium, meeting Toulouse in the European Rugby Super League in front of a 20,000 crowd and a global TV audience. The Blues are one of only two professional rugby teams in Wales taking part in worldwide competition dubbed ‘Rugby’s Packer Circus’.

Neither the nightmare nor the dream were realised but they came perilously and tantalisingly close to doing so. In the case of the former, the nightmare was only ten minutes from becoming fact. And the Packer-like situation was only days away from being realised. One connecting factor in both scenarios was Mike Hall. He was a director of Cardiff City Football Club and was central during the time that Cardiff City Stadium was built. He was also, of course, captain of Cardiff and Wales and a British and Irish Lions Test Player.

Here, for the first time, the full true story behind the biggest changes in Welsh rugby and soccer is told, including an insight into the character of the charismatic Cardiff City club owner, Sam Hamman. The Mike Hall Story is also a first-hand account of the revolutionary transition from amateur to professional rugby.

Mike Hall is not the first rugby player to have been part of both codes of football. Phil Bennett and Gareth Edwards could have been just as mesmeric with the round ball as they were with the oval ball. But Hall was also deeply involved in the politics of both codes. The book pays due tribute to Mike the fundraiser. Proceeds of the book will help provide care and research at Velindre Cancer Centre, and Jonathan Davies enlarges on this in his foreword.

Hall does not shun the great debate regarding the merits or otherwise of rugby and soccer. He concedes that the balance has shifted from the former to the latter. In fact, he fears for the future of rugby but is confident about the future of soccer.

Hamish Stuart sums it all up in his introduction: ‘There may be ambiguity over whether rugby was better or worse off by avoiding the Packer Circus, but there is little doubt that Cardiff City has gone from strength to strength thanks to the new stadium.’

Lyn Ebenezer

A review from, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council.

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Awdur: Mike Hall, Hamish Stuart.

How Welsh Rugby Nearly Changed Forever and Cardiff City Reached the Premier League.

Cyfrol yn cyfuno pêl-droed a rygbi trwy y chwaraewr rygbi a'r dyn busnes Mike Hall, cyn-chwaraerwr rygbi rhyngwladol a chyfarwyddwr tîm pêl-droed dinas Caerdydd. Dyma olwg unigryw ar fydoedd rygbi a phêl-droed ar adegau hynod bwysig yn eu hanes: yr adeg pan droes rygbi i fod yn gêm broffesiynol, a'r adeg gythryblus pan ddringodd tîm pêl-droed dinas Caerdydd i'r Brif Gynghrair a syrthio ohoni.

Cliciwch yma os am lawrlwytho e-lyfr o'r teitl yma.

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