Dyna Faint Dwi’n dy Garu

Author: Julie RudiWelsh Adaptation: Anwen Pierce.

Series: Hide and Seek: in the Jungle.

I love you, I love you, I love you. If you were a sock, I would be a shoe for you. A sock and a shoe, sun and moon, boat and sea ... there are pairs everywhere, but one pair is better than all the others! This is a tender board book for small children 0-3 years old, drawing attention to the love between a parent/guardian and child.



Author: Julie Rudi; Addasiad Cymraeg: Anwen Pierce.

Dwi'n dy garu, dy garu, dwi'n dy garu di. Petaet ti'n hosan bydda i'n esgid i ti! Hosan ac esgid, haul a lleuad, cwch a môr ... mae parau i'w cael ym mhobman, ond mae un pâr yn well na'r lleill i gyd! Llyfr bwrdd tyner i blant 0-3 oed, sy'n tynnu sylw at y cariad rhwng rhiant/gofalwr a phlentyn.

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